Creative Fuel & Clarity for Your Life's Work

A space and journey that invites your creativity to inquire and explore your deeper wisdom to important life challenges and/or business directions that call for a new perspective or approach.
Sourced from your inner guidance and supported by the circle's wisdom with optional inspiration from the Gene Keys and Human Design.


The Creative Wisdom Circle

Harness the Musings from the Unknown

The Creative Wisdom Circle is a dedicated space for all curious creative travellers & wisdom seakers that wish to make space to nurture, expand or refine their creativity this year. To fan the flames and enjoy the glow.

This is specifically for those who enjoy exploring playful ways to use creative expression to process, move through challenges, receive insights, recharge, perhaps even discover hidden doors into the myths of themselves, their calling or their world service.

Through the practice of creative inquiry, intuitive art & expression we open up a space for new perspectives, wisdom and creative solutions to our current question marks. 

By creating space for the unknown to reveal itself, life can speak to us in a new way and un-thought-of solutions may emerge through our creative expression.
Give yourself permission to not know and instead be open to new directions initiated from your inner being or grace when you let yourself be moved through intuitive art.

You do not need to be an "artist" or produce anything "great looking" to gain wisdom.
Just your dedicated practice of expression is enough to boost your flow of energy that effects all areas of your life's expression.

Often in the joy of the mystery & discovery you may find surprising clarity. And if not (yet) -
sometimes all that’s needed is a little bit of humor.

This is your invitation to explore, create, inspire and connect
- even if you don't know how. If fact - that is welcome.

Creative Inquiry Into the Unknown

Topics to explore in 2023

The following is an outline for the topics that you can use to creatively explore and contemplate to fuel your creative flow, reveal your personal wisdom and clarity in each area through your personal creation of intuitive art/expression.

The structure roughly follows the Golden Path of the Gene Keys. If you are not yet familiar with them, don't worry - it is not a requirment to participate. However, they provide a great framework for deeper personal inquiry on the topics below - naturally leading you to more clarity of yourself and your life's work.   If you want to dive deeper into the Gene Keys Wsidom start with the  Activation Sequence.

You are completly free to follow the topics below or choose your own topic / intention for each session. You are your own guide. 



2.2. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Opening to Creative Joy & Connection

We will open the circle with joyful creative explorations to start the flow of creativity and inspiration and set intentions for our creative commitments this year. We have some space to share and connect. 



3.3. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Life's Work & Vision

Creative inquiries about your work in the world concerning your personal or professional life. Clear your vision for the year and future creative projects or how you want to approach a certain area of your life in a way that it gives you personal gratification. 



4.4. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Challenge & Growth

Reflecting on your current or past challenges, road blocks in carrying out your life's work in business and/or relationships. Inquire your shadow keys to find your breakthrough. Let your soul give you another perspective on things that feel hard and uncomfortable right now.



5.5. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Radiance & Health

Tap into your inner wisdom of the body how to support your physical, emotional and mental health and vitality. Presence current health challenges and let the creative process be a healing force so your essence can shine brighter and create resonance and stability.



6.6 • 5-7pm Central European Time

Purpose & Core Stability

Find more clarity on the core quality that emerges from deep within your being as you walk your life's path. What's your inner fire, your reason to be here now in this physical body? Taste the essence of your humanity and what makes you feel truly alive and anchors you?

Summer Pause



8.8. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Love, Relationships & Home 

Home is where the heart is. Welcome inquiries and explorations into your close relationships (including yourself) and what truly nurtures your heart and sense of belonging and what not. What makes your heart sing and how can you source your own love? How to create your home to support your sense of belonging?



9.9. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Wound, Gift & Vocation

This is a delicate space to presence your wound. To build courage to melt your armor and open our heart to ourself. Then you may find more clarity on your innate calling to serve others in the world. You may see your sweet spot, your power place in the market more clearly and what initiative to take to offer your gift and be seen by others.



10.10. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Tribe, Culture & Attraction

Who are you here to serve or what issues in our culture are you most designed to help evolve because of your own life experience and core qualities. What types of people will be right for you, support you and mostly be attracted to work or build a relationship with you. 



11.11. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Brand, Message & Money Honey

What's your best way to be of service to yourself and others. How to use your energy in a way that aligns with and serves your purpose and prosperity. What are your qualities and values that attract your people. What's the core of your message that resonnates with people. 



12.12. • 5-7pm Central European Time

Magic Grace & Celebration

Harvest the fruits of your creativity and celebrate your creative journey this year. Harness your insights, challenges, successes and the qualities you have grown this year inside and within the group. Receive the blessings from beyond to arrive in the quiet sacredness within all of being.

Our Creative Wisdom Muses

What is available for you in the Circle ...

The main purpose of this circle is to give you dedicated space and company to exploring your creativity with full freedom and use it for your personal inquiry about life topics, growth, process or amusement.

Openess to unknowns and curiosity
to what will manifest when we let the creative process be in the driver's seat instead of our busy heads - are our guiding priciples.

Here are the basic components and musings of the circle ...


Creativity Muses for Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Art

In a 2hr Creative Wisdom Session via Zoom I guide you through the intuitive art process that I have used over the last decade to receive guidance.
This is your space to access your innate wisdom with the support of fellow creators. We start with some intuitve art tools to warm up and get the creative flow moving. Then you have space to start your creative exploration to your choosen intention, question or the monthly theme. 
You then have the opportunity to exchange your creation and insights with others and ask to receive feedback to widen our insights and understand the guidance.

• 2 hour Creative Live Session via Zoom
• Share your Creative Process and Art in the Facebook Group


Collective Muses for Connection 

Circle Wisdom & Amplification

Share your creative process, your work, your insights in our facebook group. This is an intimate support container for being seen and be inspired by eachother's sparks and the joy of creating.
This group can also serve you to hold yourself accountable to creative action you like to take after receiving concreate action steps from your intuitive art session. 

• Personal Sharing in the Facebook Group


Wisdom Muses for Inquiry & Contemplation

Gene Keys Wisdom

If are a follow traveller of inquiry with the Gene Keys the practice of intuitive art it can be a wonderful additional tool for your personal inquiry into your life's questions.
I will share some inspiration and personal insight that connect to the themes of the circle in our facebook group.
If you feel called to the golden path of the GeneKeys but haven't yet, get your profile here and start inquiring what you are drawn to.
NOTE: It is not a requirment to be familiar with the Gene Keys to participate in the creative session or inquiry.

• Inspirational Sharings in the Facebook Group

This is for you if you want to...

  • learn simple intuitive creative techniques such as “Channeled Drawing”, intuitive painting and more to open your creative flow and access your intuitive guidance
  • have a lot of fun with non-sense and letting go of concepts and perfectionism, allow yourself to make mistakes and boost your creativity and inspiration
  • experience a safe creative space to be with yourself and others to be seen, heard, expressed and supported by fellow creative travellers
  • practice to translate art into intuitive guidance and inspired action 
  • access collective wisdom through the group to get a bigger picture and perhaps a change of perspective about your current challenges
  • extend or rekindle the joy of creation
  • perhaps find peace with your current life challenges 

Join the Creative Wisdom Circle 

Here is how you can join the sessions:


To join the next Creative Session, put your name on the list by filling in your information below. This way you receive reminders and the zoom link for each session. Note: You need to confirm your email before you receive the link (Check your spam folder for the confirmation email!).

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I like to open this experience to people regardless of their financial status. So pay what you can. The regular price for these events is €55. Please asses what your can pay and use the link below to send your appreciation via paypal. Thank you.

Recommended: €55 per circle

You receive:

1 Creative Live Session á 120 min

(via zoom)

Access to Private Facebook Group 

(for Sharing, Feedback & Creative Inspiration) 



Get a free taste of how to receive soul guidance from your intuitive art 

If you're not sure what intuitive art is and want to get a practical taste how to use it to receive soul guidance, I invite you to sign up for my museletter. Upon sign-up you'll receive a link to my FREE TUTORIAL on what I called »Channeled Drawing« back in 2011. You will also get a link to download my FREE eGUIDE with keys how to translate your art into guidance

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Hi, I'm Awi.

I'm an intuitive creative explorer keen to reveal essential truths and curious to discover what sparks creation, change & connection. I have find the most joy and inspiration in adoring nature and following seemingly random things that often lead to the right insights, people and places.

My creativity is an expression of my playful exploration of things I bump into, sometimes colors, sometimes challenges, sometimes beauty, sometimes closed doors. Somehow when expressed and synthesized creatively I find a wondrous sense of cellular liberation.
I enjoy many creative playing fields from intuitive drawing, painting, dance, sound to graphic art, design and photography that I also loves to remix.

In 2011 I discovered »Channeled Drawing« as a personal intuitive art practice to process feeling, nurture my creative joy, attunement and inner guidance. Over the last decade I have also used this creative process to offer workshops and readings to many people, who in effect felt a rekindled creative flow, receiving personal insights from exploring fun details of the creative process and the images as well as feeling more turst in the mystery.
Watch my creative process videos and sample readings on youtube here.

As a natural & professionally trained intuitive I have the gift to attune to people on a deep soul level and guide them to honor their unique life experiences in order to reveal purpose and land in their inner creative power place that synthesizes their challenges, gifts and expertise together in a streamlined way to serve their purpose in the world. My ongoing studies and trainings of Human Design and the Gene Keys enliven my purpose and sense of wonder. 

As a personal brand mentor & designer at FULLY SEEN I desire to empower conscious creators and dedicated change agents to be seen, aligned & expressed with their business. Creating clarity, resonance and trust through the process of personal branding with integrity and creating visual translations to online spaces for education and connection.

For those who care to know - I am a 3/5 Splenic Projector with the Channel of The Wavelength - Design of Talent. 

Read more about my journey, art & training here

Voices of Fellow Creative Explorers

Kim Schultz
 Healer & Reverant - USA

» I highly recommend Awi’s channeled drawing workshop. She has a playful, clear presence and her facilitation ignited a spark of creativity within me! My mind liked to tell me that I couldn’t draw and I was extremely critical of anything I created. During my 1st workshop I experienced joy and freedom of movement in my body! I found I liked drawing and was so happy about my expression on paper! I have continued to draw daily for the past month utilizing this process for play and for transformation growth work. I have even found myself showing others what I’ve created!! «

Asha Croggon
Transformation Guide - Canada

» I feel really compelled to share how much I love to create … with words, with art, with photographs, with ideas, with sculpture, with fibre, with colour … Taking this journey with Awi has reminded me so much of that love …. I have been inviting more creativity into my ‘work’ … writing more about my awarenesses …. modifying my photographs in canva and pixlr and sharing them … and yet my heart is really urging for more … I’m diving into creating what I can, when I can, how I can NOW. … And this support and inspiration from this group and our fabulous Awi has been wonderful. So a thousand blessings!!!!!!!!!!!! «

Laura Hollick
SoulArt Guide - Canada

» Awi’s ability to express spiritual wisdom through her channeled drawings is incredible! I have had the honor of experiencing 18 channeled drawings and each one has deepened my awareness and opened me to understand my issues and challenges in nü empowering ways. I continue to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of Awi’s channeled drawings and I know I will for years to come! «
»Awi has the unique ability to channel healing visions and insights through her art. She is a Cosmic Angelic Superwoman ready to be fully seen for her magical abilities. «

Alexandra Io Riederich
Astrologer & Guide - Germany

» It was such a pleasure to work with Awi again. The way she held space for what is and her gentle, yet deeply grounded presence was exactly what I needed to tap into some deeper wisdom within me. All she shared resonated with my own truth and helped me connect with parts of me that needed to be seen. Our session gave me a sense of wholeness and a deeper understanding of how to best move forward on my journey. «

Lucille DancingWind
 Author, Nature Muse - Canada/USA

» Awi is a magickal being of the Stars and the Earth… Her gentle, playful and serene nature is the perfect channel through which Spirit is able to convey messages in the form of insights, wisdom and beautiful soul energy drawings. Her channeled drawings are exquisite in form, colours and the depth of messages that they convey to the recipient… they always leave me in awe. I have absolute love for Awi as a soul sistar and on a professional level… her work is brilliant, pure and authentic! «

Marianne Hurley
Art Therapist - USA

» I’ve noticed that the more I keep up with the channeled drawing process, the more I’m returning to my other creative processes. This spring got kinda wild, with intense transformational trainings and my mother dying. I stopped spinning for months. In the last two weeks, I’ve pulled my spinning wheel out into the living room and am back to spinning almost every day! And I’m feeling pulled to paint again…and sculpt…and make mandalas…and create new toys….Thank you Awi for helping re-kindle the fires! «

Kris K.
Transformation Guide -  Germany

» Thank you Awi for sharing your unique intuitive and creative gifts with me! Working with you helped me to get to the root of things in a very gentle and loving way. Your combination of healing work, creative play and intuitive guidance helped me to get more clear about the soft song of my heart, accepting what is here now, and trusting the rhythm of my dreams and wishes. Very powerful lessons for me! I also adored the sound channeling during our healing sessions, which touched me deeply! «

Ilse Scheers (Grace) 
Singer Songwriter & Healer - Belgium

» I was deeply touched by the drawing and the spoken guidance I received from Awi: the resting of the heart, in the 5th chakra, the development of the femininity. On my current path of becoming an artist, of becoming more of me and bringing my singing and my whole heart to the world, it was a blessing to receive this, the support felt very profound. «

Melody Shin Park
Healer & Coach - USA

» Receiving a channeled drawing from Awi was so much more than I could ever imagined! The drawing is a visual presentation of my Creative brand, with all the components that are active and intertwined for me to share with the world. A Message from the spiritual realm. A love note from my soul to live out my mission on earth. I recommend doing the 1:1 package with Awi. She goes deep into what your core message to the world is! Wow! «

Creative Works of Participants

These are examples of visual works of creative guidance that participants from my past intuitve art workshops, programs and journeys created. If your creative medium is sound, poetry, nature, writing, photography, dance or any mix or other way of expression
- all is very weldome.  

Join the Circle

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2. Pay what you can via paypal.

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